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A little Test

A Quick Update

I can guarantee that this will shock many of you - but... this blog is a little behind the times. 

Don't get me wrong! I mentally write and revise the posts I put up here through out my whole working day. Not to sound obsessive but I am committed to taking you along this journey with me, and I don't want you to miss out on any steps simply because I couldn't find the time to write this week's update. 

So when I do run out of time (running a business is surprisingly consuming. Shock, I know), I just post the next event whenever I get around to describing it. So - going by this blog, you might be tricked into thinking that I just have some floors and drains to my name. And that's not strictly true

Normally I wouldn't break with precedent. But I just HAD to show you what's happened most recently.. even if it is somewhat out of sync with this blog's plot. 

First my fellow director and I moved in what equipment we've assembled (a post on that when we go back to our regularly scheduled programming)


The Treeby's
Moving Day Selfie!

And then...

This past Monday, at around 8am, a gang of burly, well-trained men arrived at my arch... and, well... I'll just let the pictures (mostly) speak for themselves. Don't worry - not a plumber's crack amongst the lot of them!




And at the end of the day? We had.... drummmmmmm rollllllllll....


Yeah. I've got aging and fermentation rooms. You love it. 

I just had to share. 



P.S. When the next post goes up... Do me a solid and just pretend that you don't know this already happened, 'kay? Thanks. 


Leslie Eiser

Great picture of the Owner and her board of directors.

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